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On April 26, 1865, weary of the death and destruction from four years of brutal fighting, Major General William T. Sherman and General Joseph E. Johnston met in the parlor of the home of James and Nancy Bennett for the third and final time to sign the documents which would end the fighting for more than 200,000 Union and Confederate soldiers. The Bennett Family, simple North Carolina farmers who had lost all three sons during this four year war were anxious for its ending.

Ultimately more than 650,000 Americans lost their lives and several hundred thousand went home crippled from this horrible conflict. Bennett Place was preserved as a memorial to the peace that was brought to our nation, and a dedication to the reunification of its people.

Today, we continue our preservation efforts with a new goal of redesigning our museum exhibits, which were originally created in 1983. In honor of the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War we plan to enhance the stories of the soldiers and civilians who endured this war and who helped rebuild our nation. This museum is for their legacy.

Our goal is $50,000, which will help us redesign the initial museum. Additional funds are greatly appreciated for future unique artifacts, multimedia exhibits, and other temporary special exhibits.


UPDATE October 28, 2014. We have achieved our fundraising goal for the Museum Renovation.

You may still make donations for other projects and operational needs by Postal Mail or by PayPal:

Please make checks out to:
Bennett Place Support Fund, Inc.

Please send to:
Bennett Place State Historic Site
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Museum Redesign Drawings:

These renderings represent the new design of the Bennett Place museum gallery. Additional artifacts will be added to the collection for display in addition to more personal accounts of the lives of James and Nancy Bennett and their family, and the meeting between Major General William T. Sherman and General Joseph E. Johnston.